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Since 1919, every Bentley has been designed and built with the sheer enjoyment of the driving experience in mind. Each car carries with it a rich tradition of being the epitome of high luxury and performance. That same tradition is reflected in the care, attention and craftsmanship that go into the design and build of every Bentley. Though it has evolved constantly over the years, the authentic values of Bentley are still retained: rich racing history, the exhilarating driving experience, the turbocharged power that forms the heart of every Bentley, recognisable design DNA that creates its strong presence, and craftsmanship of the finest quality by skilled artisans in Crewe.

Wearnes Automotive Pte Ltd has been the exclusive dealer of Bentley Motors in Singapore since 1931 and is its oldest dealer outside of UK, providing top-grade service to customers that deserve nothing but the very best in luxury, craftsmanship and comfort.

Wearnes is a leading premium automotive distributor in the Asia-Pacific region. Established in 1906, it is headquartered in Singapore and is the distributor and retailer of a range of luxury and premium passenger marques. The company operates in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Hong Kong and Vietnam. Wearnes is a member of the StarChase group of companies.

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